5 Ways Drip Campaigns Can Boost Your Bottom-Line

By February 28, 2018 Blog, Speaker No Comments
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The ability to “do more with less” is the reason marketing automation platforms (MAPs) are being used by more companies than ever. Between 50-70% of companies are now using a MAP to save time, increase customer engagement, send out more timely communications and increase opportunities. (Adestra Marketer). Effective drip campaigns are a primary reason for these benefits.

Drip marketing or “nurturing” is the process of automatically “dripping” relevant information, usually via email, to prospects over time. The content is based on what actions they take on your website, what information they engage with, or where they are in the buyers’ journey. In other words, these automated drip campaigns allow you to send the right messages to sales leads or existing customers at the right moment in the sales cycle – without monopolizing the resources of your sales and marketing teams. (For more marketing automation stats, read “Data Makes the Case for Marketing Automation.”)

What’s more, drip campaigns can be customized for virtually any purpose. Use drip campaigns to:

Nurture Sales  

Stay in touch and educate prospects who have shown interest in your company/product or may be a good fit, but aren’t “sales ready.” Drip campaigns allow your sales reps to continue to build rapport with these folks and keep your company top-of-mind without the time-consuming task of sending one-to-one emails. If a prospect clicks on the link in the email or visits your website, the sales rep can see this action and follow-up. Send content that is educational and/or research-based to establish your company as a trusted resource and explain the value of a product, without being promotional. White papers or case studies are effective at this stage in a campaign. Nurturing customers is especially effective for B2B companies that have lengthy, complicated sales processes.

Follow-Up on Events 

So, you met some great people at your last trade show who seemed interested in your company – now what? Follow-up in a timely manner with relevant content, while alerting your sales team about interested leads with a drip campaign. Save marketing time by automating notifications and lead assignments. And, enable sales reps to respond promptly and create a seamless experience for prospects. Turn interested prospects into qualified leads with emails that provide follow-up invitations to webinars, white papers or blogs on topics of interest.

Build Industry-Specific Campaigns

Position your company as a valuable industry resource by building a drip campaign that provides relevant information based on a prospect’s specific area of interest. You can also time the correspondence to a prospects’ engagement with material on your website. The more tailored and appropriate a campaign, the more effective it will be. MAPs allow easy segmentation and personalization with minimal effort.

Upsell to Existing Customers

Maximize revenue with existing customers through personalized drip campaigns. While growth through new customers is important, research shows that it costs more to acquire new customers than to upsell to current clients. (“The Economics of the Upsell”). In most industries, existing customers also account for a larger proportion of new revenue. Capitalize on this untapped revenue with a drip campaign that provides existing clients with information and incentives to expand the number of products they’re using.

Reengage Leads

What about those once promising leads that seem to have disappeared? Give them a nudge with a reengagement drip campaign designed to reawaken inactive leads. These campaigns typically provide recent blogs and white papers, and are designed to keep your company top-of-mind. You may also offer incentives to encourage reengagement. These campaigns can be especially useful for large purchases that require a long decision-making process.

Better marketing automation systems provide templates that make it easy to build drip campaigns and provide guidance on objectives, timing, content and other key elements. Whether you’re trying to turn leads into customers, guide prospects through the sales cycle or maintain your current customers, there’s a drip campaign that can help you make it happen.

Not sure where to start? You’re not alone – 63% of companies outsource all or part of their marketing automation implementation (Ascend2). As a certified Pardot Specialist, I can help you create an automated drip campaign that gets results. Give me a call: Jeremy Sterling at 734-546-5434  or drop me a line at jsterling@sprypub.com.