7 Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

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When is traffic something to smile about? When it refers to people flooding your trade show exhibit! As a follow-up to our recent post on show-stopping graphics, we’d like to offer some additional tips for making your trade show booth stand out from the crowd and generate more traffic, resulting in quality leads. Warning: You may want to order more giveaways!

#1—Make the Most of Your Space
Whether you’re looking at a custom island exhibit or a portable display, be sure to make the most of your space. Carefully consider your traffic flow and how visitors will enter, move through, and exit your booth. Also, pay close attention to your design. Is it consistent with your overall brand image and objectives for the event?

#2—Promote It!
Exhibiting is a significant investment of time and money. To maximize your investment, promote your event and booth number to your target audience well in advance. This can be as simple as an announcement on your website and posts on social media or as complex as a well-planned contest or grand prize drawing.

#3—Use Lighting to Influence
Effective lighting can draw visitors to your booth and influence their behavior. Think about what you want visitors to do in your booth—engage with a sales person, watch a presentation, participate in a hands-on product demonstration—and design a lighting strategy to meet your goals.

#4—Take Advantage of Technology
Technology is an integral part of our daily lives so incorporating it into your display just makes sense. One excellent way to hold a visitor’s attention is by the use of interactive touch screens and strategically placed video monitors. Tailored presentations delivered via this form of technology personalize the brand experience and allow your visitors to choose their experience with a single tap.

#5—Provide Interactive, Hands-on Demonstrations
An active participant will connect more deeply with your brand than a passive observer. Find a way for visitors to interact with your product or service—not only will you generate interest and provide a memorable experience, you’ll engage your prospect’s attention longer and provide an excellent opportunity for meaningful dialogue with your sales team.

#6—Serve Refreshments
Would you like visitors to linger in your booth? A complimentary beverage bar with branded snacks will attract people and provide an opportunity for engagement. Bonus points for providing bar stools to rest tired feet and a charging station to keep phones powered up and ready for use.

#7—Follow Up on Those Leads
Did you know that many exhibitors have no formal process in place to follow up on their trade show leads? A timely response to leads will give you a significant advantage over competitors who may take days, weeks, or even months to respond. After all, generating leads is your goal!

The trade show miles we’ve walked would challenge a fitbit. We’ve seen and created a lot of great displays! If you’re looking for a strategic partner in planning your next event, give us a call!