Is Your Website the Complete Package?



Outer Beauty (Design)

Let’s start by putting your website in front of a mirror. If the mirror could talk (think Sleeping Beauty), would it say your website is attractive, or would it tell you it needs a makeover? Does it accurately reflect your company’s image – or the image you want to portray?”

In today’s digital word, your website is a major reflection on your company and often a potential customer’s first impression. Beautiful, well-designed websites can go a long way in attracting customers and keeping them engaged with your site during those crucial few moments after they arrive. Fonts, colors, layout and images are important in creating what we initially view as “good” design. But, it takes more than cool fonts and pretty images to constitute a well-designed website. Great design not only tells your company’s story and its goal, but turns that goal into reality.

Inner Beauty (Content)

Of course, beauty is only screen deep. Great design may attract people initially, but after the oohs and ahhs, then what? Without substance (i.e., content), users may leave and never return. However, if you’re providing the right information, delivered in a way that readers value, users will stick around and traffic will increase. Easy access to useful information is crucial to a website’s success. Think about how frustrating it is to spend time “digging” for information, only to be disappointed by what you finally unearth! Users will not stay on your site if it’s difficult to navigate or irrelevant. A website is more than just a pretty face – it’s an effective tool that should work hard for your company. Is your website doing a good job of providing the user with relevant content that keeps them coming back for more? Is your content and design working in harmony to make your site a valuable resource?

Personality (SEO)

Once you’ve given your site a makeover, how do you get people to notice you? It’s time to let your personality shine! Call your friends and get out there. Search engine optimization (SEO) is our good buddy who can help introduce us to lots of potential customers. In fact, SEO could be one of the most overlooked aspects in website design. Is your website utilizing keywords, descriptions and alt tags? Is your website mobile responsive? (Something that google now considers when ranking mobile searches.) It’s a crowded, competitive world out there, but with the right person to help you, your website can achieve the popularity it deserves!

As the Internet continually evolves, it’s important for our websites to keep pace. We must continue to develop our websites with a sound strategy, not only in design, but also with functionality and content. The “complete package” is a tool that you will not only be proud to introduce to your customers, but also one that will grow your business.

If your website is in need of a makeover, or you would like to improve your customers’ experience, we can help! Visit or call Kevin Anger, Creative Director (and web expert) at 734-531-7421.