Send the Right Message at the Right Time with Marketing Automation

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For those old enough to remember the popular sitcom, Cheers, the appeal of the bar was that “everyone knows your name.” That feeling of being known and welcome is universally appealing, even in business.

These days, prospects expect you to know them – or at least know enough about them to personalize messages and provide relevant information when they need it. The ability to reach out to prospects or existing customers based on the actions they take on your website, what information they engage with or where they are in the buyers’ journey, in a timely manner is called “nurturing” and it can be easily done with an automated drip campaign.

Nurturing Made Easy

Drip marketing or nurturing is the process of automatically dripping relevant information, usually via email, to sales leads over a period of time, based on either user action or a predefined time interval.1

In simple terms, these automated campaigns allow you to send the right messages or content to sales leads or existing customers at the right time in the sales cycle. Keeping in touch with leads or customers with relevant information was once a tedious, time-consuming process, but marketing automation had made it simple.

5 Ways to Use Drip Campaigns

What’s more, these campaigns can be customized for virtually any purpose, including:

Keeping Your Company Top-of-Mind – Drip campaigns that are sent throughout the buyers’ journey help remind prospects of the benefits your product/brand offers. This is especially valuable for B2B companies with lengthy, complicated sales processes.

Educating Prospects – By providing relevant product information during the awareness, consideration and decision phases, drip campaigns help prospects make more informed choices. More importantly, by understanding and responding to their interests, you can move prospects through the buyer’s journey to a purchase.

Re-Engaging Prospects – When leads go cold, how do you regain their interest? Drip campaigns can be designed to re-engage prospects with new product information, special offers or educational information.

Targeting Competitors’ Customers – Drip campaigns that showcase the benefits of your products or provide useful information that makes life easier for people, can lure customers from competitors who may be dissatisfied or looking for alternatives.

Featuring Promotional Offers – The timeliness of drip campaigns makes them perfect for limited time offers or special pricing.

How do these programs work? The following infographic provides an example of how an automated drip campaign can nurture a prospect:

Marketing Automation

Whether you are trying to turn leads into customers, guide prospects through the sales cycle, or maintain engagement with current clients, our certified Pardot Specialists can help you create an automated drip campaign that gets results. For more information, call Jeremy Sterling, at 734-546-5434 or drop him a line at

1“The Basics of Drip Campaigns [INFOGRAPHIC],” by Matt Wesson, Salesforce/Pardot, August 22, 2014.