Win With Pardot: Connected Campaign and Member Sync Considerations

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Second in a series of four articles on getting the most out of your Pardot marketing automation platform. The first article in the series is Win With Pardot: Understanding Marketing Automation Tools.

Does your business use both the Pardot marketing automation platform and the Salesforce CRM?

Historically, each platform supported its own campaigns—there was very limited functionality through which the twain could meet. Now, however, the Multi-Touch Attribution Dashboard available in Pardot’s revolutionary B2B Marketing Analytics not only makes it possible to view all the campaigns that affect a client in his or her journey, but also shows which marketing efforts are most influential during the purchase cycle.

And now, thanks to the Connected Campaigns function in Pardot, it’s also possible for both marketers and sales reps across your organization to see (for instance) that a client came in through Google AdWords and is also part of a current nurture program. Additionally, they’ll have the ability to see the same real-time information, track campaign influence and view engagement history for all connected campaigns in Pardot and the Multi-Touch Attribution Dashboard.

You can connect individual Pardot and Salesforce campaigns as the need arises, or connect multiple Pardot and Salesforce campaigns at once so you can audit and organize your campaigns in bulk. With Member Sync you can also sync prospects to the connected campaigns, so they move together throughout the purchase cycle.

Between your Certified Pardot Consultant and the comprehensive Pardot/Salesforce help resources, you’ll find a wealth of information available for the actual steps for connecting campaigns. Instead, this article will give you some considerations to keep in mind as you get ready to enable Connected Campaigns and Member Sync functions.

When Connecting Campaigns

With the Connected Campaigns function enabled in Pardot, you can begin connecting campaign records. Here are a few things to remember as you make your first connection:

  • In order to connect Pardot campaigns to Salesforce campaigns, you’ll need all three of the following permissions:
    • General Account Administration
    • Pardot Marketing User role
    • B2B Marketing Automation App permission set license
  • Pardot users will need a Salesforce login.
  • When you connect a campaign, the Pardot campaign record becomes read-only. You can use Pardot campaign records to manage campaign membership, but all other campaign tasks will be performed on the connected Salesforce campaign records.
  • Because only Salesforce campaigns that use the record types you select in your Pardot account settings can connect to Pardot campaigns, you can choose not to connect some record types, depending on how your company uses them.
  • Once a Salesforce campaign connects to a Pardot campaign, Salesforce will replace the values of some Pardot campaign fields:
  • The associated marketing forms, marketing links and list emails that Salesforce copies from the connected Pardot campaign will count toward your company’s data storage limits.


When Syncing Campaign Members

When you connect Pardot campaigns to Salesforce, you’ll have to decide whether to turn on Member Sync so you can sync prospects to the connected campaigns. If you decide to take advantage of the sync, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Once Member Sync is activated for connected campaigns, Pardot prospects will appear in Salesforce as campaign members.
  • You’ll manage Member Sync in your Pardot account settings, but you’ll report on campaign members from Salesforce.
  • A prospect must be assigned to a Pardot user and associated with a Pardot campaign to sync.
  • Synced prospects will appear as Salesforce leads by default; if a prospect shares an email address with an existing Salesforce contact, the prospect will sync as a contact.
  • The synced member’s Created date is the date the prospect was synced, not the original Pardot creation date.
  • To see a prospect’s most recent engagement, view the record in Pardot.
  • Once you turn on Member Sync, prospects in campaigns you already connected will start syncing to Salesforce. When you connect future campaigns, those prospects will sync automatically.
  • When you archive or delete a synced prospect in Pardot, the associated lead or contact record will remain in Salesforce until you delete it there.


If you’d like to open up an exciting new world of information and cooperation for your marketing and sales teams with Connected Campaigns, Member Sync, and the Multi-Touch Attribution Dashboard, our Certified Pardot Consultants are ready to help. For more information, call Jeremy Sterling at 734-546-5434 or drop him a line at