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  • Bullseye the Target dog in box
    Why Target Hits a Bull’s-Eye with Customers
    Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but like many Americans, I often spend at least part...
  • Cupid in the form of smartphones aiming an arrow
    Mobile Optimization: A Love Story
    Whether you view Valentine’s Day as a “Hallmark holiday,” an opportunity to express your eternal love, or simply as...
  • Synchronized swimmers' silhouettes
    Synchronized Sales and Marketing: The New Dream Team
    There is something mesmerizing about synchronized swimming, don’t you think? Some might argue its validity as an Olympic sport,...
  • attention, please exclamation handwritten on chalkboard with vintage precise stopwatch
    May We Have Your Attention, Please? How to Cut Through Content Clutter
    Research shows that the average person has an 8.25 second attention span. Based on that statistic, you may have...
  • True Confessions magazine cover
    Confessions of Successful Salespeople
    Because being in sales can be more competitive than American Ninja Warrior (and just as challenging!), successful salespeople are...
  • We’re Not Here to Sell You Anything: Educational vs. Promotional Content
    Have you shopped for a car recently? If so, you may have noticed a subtler approach to the sales...
  • Baseball pitcher wind-up
    How to Pitch the Next Great Marketing Idea
    What’s harder than coming up with a brilliant marketing idea? Selling it to management! In fact, research suggests that...
  • boarder collie close up head
    How to Create Compelling Content
  • superman ice cream cone
    Keeping Up with Shifting Buyer Personas
    Have you ever thought you knew someone inside and out and then been surprised by something they said or...
  • 3 squash
    Blessed Are Those Who Can Give without Remembering and Take without Forgetting
    Is that the aroma of roasted turkey we smell? Just thinking of stuffing and that first bite of pumpkin...
  • Businessman handshake pre-hug
    The Secrets to Having Satisfied Customers
    Have you ever been so surprised by excellent service that you felt like hugging someone? Unfortunately, customer service at...
  • fireworks design
    10 Reasons to Be Glad This Election Is Over
    Let’s face it, this election has been one of the most divisive in history. Now that we are at...
  • mirror with angel reflection and devil shadow
    Are Marketers Having an Identity Crisis?
    My favorite Halloween costume this year was a little girl who looked like an angel from the front and...
  • 3d men watching 3d movie isolated on white
    Is Your Message Connecting with the Right Audience?
    “Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.’” Which one are you producing? It takes...
  • Show Your True Colors: Why Logo Designs Are So Important
      I once painted a room such a bright shade of yellow that my daughter, who was just an infant...
  • retro robot toys on a wooden floor
    4 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Marketing Automation Platform
    My son wanted a new phone (sound familiar?), so I asked him why. He ticked off a number of...
  • Designer's desk with responsive web design concept.
    Is Your Website Helping or Hurting Your Business?
    Would you frequent a business that was hard to find and had an unwelcoming, unappealing storefront? What if the...
  • A vector illustration of people looking at an exhibition booths
    7 Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show
    When is traffic something to smile about? When it refers to people flooding your trade show exhibit! As a...
  • Book cover with award decal The Complete Caregiver's Organizer
    Spry Ideas Title The Complete Caregiver’s Organizer Wins Gold Award
    For Immediate Release Ann Arbor, MI – September 21, 2016: The healthcare publishing division of Spry Ideas, an Ann Arbor–based...
  • Turtle from Finding Nemo
    Take It from the Kids: What Animated Movies Teach Us About Effective Content
    Animated kids' movies can teach us a thing or two about writing more effective content.
  • Trade show neon sign
    Are You Ready for Trade Show Season? 10 Tips for Show-Stopping Graphics
    Did you know that 40 of the 100 biggest trade shows in the United States are held between September...
  • baby with finger in nose
    Marketing Automation: 8 Bad Habits to Break
    When our dinosaur of a television finally became extinct, my husband immediately ran out to buy something new. “Don’t...
  • two businessmen on trapeze over a cityscape
    6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Agency Partnership
    “The best partnerships aren’t dependent on a mere common goal, but on a shared path of equality.”
  • zucchini brownie
    10 Ways to Harvest Some Fresh Content
    Continually generating fresh, quality content can be a challenge.
  • Certified Pardot Consultant logo on cloud background
    Spry Ideas Expands Service Offerings with Pardot Certification
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Katie Spence | Marketing Manager, Spry Ideas | p: 734-531-7402 | e: kspence@sprypub.com Spry Ideas Expands Service...
  • The Benefits of Customer Advocacy
    Basing purchases off the recommendations you receive from another customer is not a new trend. Whether through traditional means...
  • Robin Porter, Content Specialist
    Spry Ideas Names New Content Specialist, Robin Porter
    Ann Arbor, MI—August, 2, 2016: Spry Ideas, a full-service creative agency and source of leading patient information book titles,...
  • intertwining
    The Case for B2B Marketing on LinkedIn
    LinkedIn has surpassed Facebook as the most important social media platform for B2B marketers.
  • Open Giftbox with Confetti.
    Misconceptions About Content Marketing
    The finer points of content marketing as it becomes the primary marketing strategy
  • Businessmen Defensive Wall
    How to Defend Your Brand on Social Media
    Social media has proven to be an incredible resource for building brand awareness and reputation. A promoted post on...
  • Astronaut in outer space
    Dazzle Me, Spaceman
    Tips for Writing Successful Headlines
  • film projector
    Lights! Camera! Action!
    Video Production Tips for Companies That Think It’s Too Expensive
  • man bouncing on pogo stick
    8 Ways to Lower Your Bounce Rate
    Bounce rate is one of the most dreaded terms in website analytics. It’s a tough metric to improve, and...
  • abstract painting
    Don’t Fling the Paint: 10 Egregious Website Design Mistakes
    For most companies, the website is the most influential selling point. A website should be impressive, clean, and intuitive...
  • Henry Ford
    Profound Thoughts on Business: Henry Ford
    Henry Ford is one of the most notable and prolific businessmen in American history, and if you live or...
  • using keyboard to send email
    FAQs About Marketing Automation
    Marketing automation is one of the newest and most effective tools for generating leads. But, there are still many...
  • Spry Ideas Marketing Draft 2016
    The 2016 Marketing Mock Draft
    Welcome to our analysis of the 2016 Marketing Draft. This year’s crop of young players hopes to fulfill their...
  • Mailing a love letter
    Dear B2B Business—A Love Letter from Social Media
    Dear B2B Business, I understand it’s easy to be dismissive of social media as a manufacturing/medical/ company ... But just...
  • couple in theater eating popcorn
    Keep Customers on the Edge of Their Seats with Episodic Content
    Episodic content has become one of the most employed marketing strategies in the last few years and is set...
  • Competing with the big dogs
    How Can Your Marketing Strategy Compete with the Big Dogs?
    Are you frustrated that your small business’s marketing strategy is struggling to compete with your largest competitors? How can...
  • fool's gold
    Why You Shouldn’t Try To Go Viral
    With the emergence of social media as a marketing medium, brands are rushing to be as effective as they...
  • Customer retention Spry Ideas
    Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More!
    Increase profits by employing these strategies to improve customer retention. As marketing costs rise, acquiring new customers has become increasingly...
  • Woman tweeting on smart phone| Spry Ideas
    How Social Media Can Be Used for B2B Outreach
    Our favorite tips to make social media a key part of your B2B outreach When people consider business use of...
  • piggy bank with calculator
    How to Budget Your Marketing Dollars
    It’s fascinating to think of how social media, something that didn’t even exist a decade ago, will account for...
  • Video camera session Spry Ideas
    What Makes a Video Shine?
    You don’t need to be the next Steven Spielberg to make video shine for your business. Video is an...
  • Hot and cold flames | Spry Ideas
    Trends in E-mail Marketing—What’s Hot? What’s Not?
    E-mail is not dead, it is evolving. Do you employ the hottest e-mail trends in your marketing efforts? . The rise...
  • Photographs adding pictures to content Spry Ideas
    Picture This!
    As they say, a picture is truly worth 1,000 words, but what types of images engage readers most? (Well,...
  • Businesswoman with Bullhorn Spry Ideas
    Calling All Customers!
    Do you ever wish you had a magnet to draw customers in to look at your product or service?...
  • young boy covering eyes looking at laptop to avoid annoying content Spry Ideas
    Is Your Content Annoying?
    Before you invest any more money and time developing content, be sure you’re avoiding these common content habits that...
  • Warning: You’re Losing Money Not Using Marketing Analytics
    Marketing efficiency has constantly been a challenge for businesses of all sizes.  Although vast quantities of data are becoming...
  • Marketing Trends—A Shift from Global to Personal?
    As technology advances, marketers can more easily target customers with personalized content, making outreach more meaningful. What will the...
  • Building a Content Strategy to Improve ROI
    Smart marketing professionals are increasingly relying on content to reach their customers. We’d like to put you at home in...
  • Hot and cold flames | Spry Ideas
    10 Tips for Internet Marketing—What's Hot? What’s Not?
    The Internet is not just a resource for businesses, but also an immense tool with endless marketing potential. By harnessing...
  • green directional arrow
    Turn Signal Crusade
    Some readers might ask why there is an article on turn signals on the Spry Ideas Blog. Well, the editorial...
  • Spry Ideas Names New Marketing Specialist, Katie Spence
    Ann Arbor, MI—Spry Ideas, a full-service creative agency and source of leading patient information book titles, has hired Katie...