Services Provided

Maintain Product Pricing/Cost File

Product file consisted of approximately 10,000 products from 100 suppliers. We were responsible for updating the file annually while providing daily minor updates as needed.

The annual pricing update took effect July 1st of each year. We started the update process in February soliciting revised costs from program suppliers. Solicited pricing files were reviewed against the current file to verify product approval status and to look for any major pricing discrepancies. It was very common to find errors such as a product cost listed at $10,000 for the previous year and the new submitted cost of $100.

Quarterly Promotions

Quarterly Promotions are created and can range from 20 to 40 pages in size. All four quarters are shown as PDFs or Flipbooks on the website. Two quarters are also printed and mailed to the dealership body.

PSE Website

Daily monitoring and maintenance.

Daily Product Updates

Newly approved product or discontinued product had to be reflected on the website. Adding new product involved contacting the manufacturer to obtain images and appropriate text for the product. Often this was not supplied in the time frame needed by the program facilitator. It was then our responsibility to find product text on the Internet and piece it together. This information was then provided to the manufacturer for their permission to use it on the website.

Daily Monitoring

The website was reviewed daily to look for any errors or programming problems that might occur.


The home page of the website was updated quarterly; this included loading updated sale pricing, home page images, and updating pdfs of new flyers and program initiatives.

Maintain Dealer Registration Database

Maintain Dealer Registration Database for email marketing communications (over 2,000 individual registrants). As individuals registered (dealers, non-dealers, and Canada) for the PSE website, we gathered this information and transferred these contacts to a Constant Contact account. This allowed targeted messages to those registrants. Individuals were often encouraged to register with an offer of a free gift (cooler bag, pen, etc.). We mailed the free item once or twice a month during the offer to the registrants.

PSE Website Analytics

PSE Website Analytics were emailed to the suppliers once a quarter. This allowed suppliers to view website hits, promotional hits, and individual product category hits.