Remi’s Rebarks

Read about Spry Ideas From a Dog’s Perspective.

Remington’s Story –

Office Manager and Cheerleader

Remington (or Remi) left his original pack in February 2017 to join our creative team, where he enjoys several important roles. In addition to overseeing operations, Remi reduces stress and maintains an upbeat atmosphere with his perpetually positive attitude and adorable face. After all, who can be stressed out when giving a belly rub? Remi is also very astute and sniffs out great ideas to share with our clients (check out his blog!). He enjoys chewing on sticks, chasing geese, taking long naps and playing with his squeaky cow.

Fun Fact: When full grown, Remi will stand up to 34 inches high and weigh between 140 – 180 pounds! But don’t let him fool you, Great Danes are known as “gentle giants” – he’s just a big baby!