How Great Graphic Design Can Boost Your Business

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If you don’t think animals are creative, then you’ve never watched a squirrel thwart your attempts at keeping him or her off the bird feeder. It’s futile. They are crafty little buggers! Science has shown that many animals, including dolphins, chimps, crows, and of course, canines, can exhibit creativity, especially when it comes to solving problems. There’s even an elephant that paints pictures of other elephants!

Admittedly, we don’t all possess the same skills. I’ve tried my paw at drawing (okay, I actually tried to eat a highlighter, which resulted in some interesting designs and pink toenails), but I have to concede that graphic design is something best left to humans. In fact, some humans are extremely talented – and you should rely on them!

For example, I talked to my good buddy, Kevin Anger, our very own Creative Director, about why expert graphic design is important to every business.

Me: Hey Kevin, do you have any treats? Oops, I mean, what’s the number one benefit of great graphic design?

Kevin: Uh, we’ll discuss treats later. Design impacts almost every aspect of a business, especially brand image. It’s not just about a great logo, though that’s very important. Good design is about consistency. It carries over into your website, web pages, publications, letterhead, posts, etc. It’s often the first impression a client, vendor or recruit gets about your company.

Me: Wow, you don’t want to make a bad first impression. I accidentally stepped on a Chihuahua and now she’s afraid of me. I feel bad.

Kevin: Hey, accidents happen – don’t be too hard on yourself. But, not investing in great design is no accident! Imagine being a company that has invested millions of dollars in new equipment and has worked hard to make their facilities state-of-the-art, and yet their logo, website and other materials say “we’re old school.” They’re not portraying an accurate image – or one that they want.

Me: Okay, so brand image, making a good first impression and sending the right message are all great reasons to employ expert graphic design. What about productivity?

Kevin: Great question Remi – good dog! Graphic design can definitely have an impact on productivity and efficiency. A poorly designed website – one that’s difficult to navigate, has hard-to-read fonts or distracting colors – can turn clients, vendors or potential employees away. If current employees use the website for business, it can also reduce productivity.

Me: That makes sense, but isn’t design more important to flashy B2C companies?

Kevin: Absolutely not! Great design is essential for every business. In fact, it might be even more critical for B2B companies because they typically do not invest heavily in advertising and are less well-known, which means a strong brand image and an eye-catching, effective website are the primary touchpoints with their audiences. Effective design is another means of communication, and you know what they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Me: I’ve heard that one. Personally, I’m very photogenic. Anyway, isn’t working with a designer expensive?

Kevin: Well, professional design services cost more than having someone in your company with a little design background put together the company logo and website, but it’s worth the investment. Wasting money on “cheap” designs means you’ll be redoing everything sooner rather than later. More importantly, if your brand image is being negatively impacted by poor design, you may be losing business or failing to recruit the best talent. Just as you would budget for new technology and systems, employing expert design services is an investment in your company’s future success.

Me: Well, you don’t have to convince me. I really like your design work.

Kevin: Thanks Remi!

Me: So, about those treats…

If you would like to talk to Kevin about updating your brand image, freshening a logo or making your website more effective, give him a call at 734-531-7421 or send him an email