Remi’s Rebarks – It’s Okay to Ask for Help

(Especially when it comes to complicated things like marketing automation.)

Humans are interesting creatures. For instance, I once watched my human try to put together a piece of furniture for hours, muttering and cursing the whole time, without bothering to read the instruction manual. I even tried laying on the manual as a hint, and when that failed, I tried tearing it into pieces, which (you guessed it) resulted in more muttering and cursing.

Of course, it’s not just my human that doesn’t like to read manuals or ask for help. A poll by Gadget Helpline found that 64 percent of men do not read the instruction manual that comes with anything! I don’t get it. If I could read, I would save myself the aggravation and peruse the instructions.

A similar study showed that a full 75 percent of people are reluctant to ask for help! Some people are too shy, some are afraid of appearing incompetent and others just want to do everything themselves. Like I said, humans are interesting.

Make the Most of Your Investment

Here at Spry Ideas, we see an example of this reluctance when it comes to marketing automation platforms. Many companies have purchased one of these powerful gizmos, but never use it properly or make the most of their investment. It’s kinda’ sad, really, especially as I’ve learned about all the cool things marketing automation can do.

Robust marketing automation platforms like Pardot and others can make a marketer’s life easier by saving time, improving content delivery and personalization, qualifying leads for sales, providing campaign reporting, and more. However, the name may be a little misleading because marketing automation is not completely “automatic.” In fact, the majority of B2B companies using marketing automation feel they are underutilizing them or not using them correctly. Heck, that’s like having a great rawhide bone and not knowing how to chew!

Consider an Implementation Partner

Research shows that 76 percent of CMOs believe that lead generation could be improved with better implementation of their current marketing automation strategy. Even more alarming, per Gleanster, about two-thirds of companies that have marketing automation software like Pardot and others already integrated are not leveraging the platform’s capability to generate new leads or nurture existing ones. So, how can you dig into that juicy bone, so to speak?

Hire an implementation partner! Here’s why:
  • While basic setup is straightforward, syncing with your CRM can be very difficult. An implementation partner has the experience and technical expertise, along with the strategies to make your systems play together as well as puppies from the same litter! Personally, I excel at playing well with others.
  • It also takes more time than you realize to create landing pages, emails and workflows, as well as getting a marketing automation system up and running—and more importantly, producing results. Using an implementation partner can get your system and staff up to speed, so you can start reaping the rewards faster. Hey, we all need some training, and when you learn to sit, stay and shake, the treats are worth it!
  • Finally, many marketing automation users roll out a campaign but never follow up with the metrics. How do you know if your marketing automation software is right for you or if your campaigns need to be tweaked if you aren’t tracking results? I can tell if I’m doing a good job by the number of pets and the amount of praise I receive, but that’s probably not an effective way to measure your marketing efforts.


Of course, who doesn’t like a little praise? If you’re in charge of delivering personalized content, generating and qualifying leads and making the most of your marketing automation platform, hiring an implementation partner might result in a few pats on the head and a nice rawhide bone.

Just remember, it’s okay to ask for help!

If you’d like to make the most of your marketing automation platform, call Jeremy Sterling at 734-546-5434. He’s a certified Pardot Implementation Specialist, who also has expertise with Sharp Spring and other marketing automation platforms.