Remi’s Rebarks – Don’t Be Afraid of Marketing Automation


Marketing Automation is not just for the “big dogs.”  Small businesses are using this tool to capture valuable consumer data, create personalized campaigns to generate and nurture leads, and retain customers – while saving time and money.

When you’re small, the world can be a scary place. My friend Luca, who is still a puppy, will sometimes hide under the desk when he feels insecure. I try to be reassuring, because I am, well, rather large and impressive. But, it takes time and experience to build confidence. It also requires a willingness to try to new things!

The same can be said for business. Smaller enterprises are often hesitant to adopt the marketing tools and techniques used by larger companies because they believe they aren’t worth the investment or that the benefits won’t apply to a company of their size. When it comes to marketing automation (MA), that’s simply not true.

Sure, when MA was first introduced, it represented a large investment and was fairly complicated. Today, however, there are more platforms to choose from, with features and price points designed for businesses of all sizes. These tools have also become easier to implement and more effective. In fact, the top performing small to medium-sized businesses now use MA in some way (EmailMonday).

Marketing automation allows you to:

Personalize Interactions 

Did you know that 77 percent of consumers have chosen, recommended or paid more for a brand that offered a personalized experience? By 2020, smart personalization used to recognize customer intent will enable businesses to increase profits by up to 15% (Gartner). Today’s buyers expect a more personalized, relevant experience with the companies they interact with – and this applies to both the consumer and B2B sectors. In fact, 63% of customers are highly annoyed by the way brands continue to rely on the strategy of blasting generic ad messages and 74% feel frustrated with content that is not personalized (Marketo). (For myself, I find it very irritating to receive ads about cat food!)

Thankfully, marketing automation allows you to easily gather valuable customer data and deliver highly-personalized  content at the right time. From a sales perspective, it enables reps to tailor conversations to address client pain points.      

Maximize Resources

Hey, we get it. Smaller companies have fewer resources, which are probably already spread thin. That’s why you need MA! This tool can free up resources and make your business more efficient by automating certain tasks in your marketing campaign, such as emails, social media, direct messages and various website actions. In turn, this leads to improved management and nurturing of prospects, improved user engagement, better customer relationship management and measurable results.

Basically, MA helps you make smarter, more informed decisions on how to spend your marketing budget, therefore maximizing manpower and dollars. I guess that’s why over half of B2B companies have made plans to adopt the technology (EmailMonday). (And, having more free time could mean longer walks with your favorite dog!)

Retain Customers

While MA is great for nurturing and managing leads, the benefits it provides for retaining customers shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, a 5 percent increase in customer retention can lead to an impressive 25-29% percent increase in revenue

By creating customer-focused campaigns, MA allows you to engage, keep and cross-sell to existing buyers, which may be even more critical for smaller businesses. You can also improve an offering or create a new one. For example, if you know I like beef rawhide bones and peanut butter treats, you might offer me a special super-sized peanut butter bone. (Now that sounds good!)

Of course, MA does come with a caveat: companies of every size must start with a content strategy, clear objectives and the proper integration of other marketing tactics. In addition, many companies find that working with the expertise of an outside agency garners the best results.

Too many companies invest in this powerful tool and never make the most of its abilities (SiriusDecisions). However, when used properly, MA can be highly effective – 63% of companies that use marketing automation outgrow their competition. (For tips on maximizing your investment, check out “8 Ways to Make the Most of Marketing Automation.”

So, don’t be afraid to come out and play with the big dogs. We’re not as scary as we might appear – and there’s a lot we can teach you about getting the attention you deserve!

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