Remi’s Rebarks – Why You Need a Certified Pardot Consultant


Until yesterday, I didn’t think there was anything better than bacon. Then I overheard a conversation about marketing automation and the benefits of using a Certified Pardot Consultant. Here’s some of the tasty tidbits of information I gobbled up:

  • 55% of B2B marketing professionals have adopted marketing automation, and many more have plans to invest in a marketing automation platform in the next two years? (CMI)
  • If implemented correctly, marketing automation software, such as Pardot by Salesforce, can be a powerful inbound marketing tool, capable of tracking visitors to your website, generating, nurturing and converting leads, and streamlining marketing and sales processes.
  • Unfortunately, most companies don’t make the most of this awesome investment (which is like having a giant rawhide bone and not chewing up the whole thing – it’s just sad).
  • A Certified Pardot Consultant can help you improve the ROI on your marketing automation investment.

Avoid Bad Habits

Sure, you could try to learn how to use your Pardot marketing automation platform on your own, but not only does that take more time than necessary, it usually leads to frustration and some bad habits. And, trust me, once you develop a bad habit, like gnawing on shoes or stealing food, it’s hard to break!

Here are the most common marketing automation no-no’s and how a Pardot Consultant can help:

1. Don’t automate everything 

Like a dog with a new chew toy, it’s tempting to play with it all the time. With marketing automation, the most common mistake is trying to automate every process. But, trust us – step away from the toy.. I mean software and create a plan first. Automating inefficient processes will only amplify the inadequacies. Focus on what works and eliminate what doesn’t. A Certified Pardot Consultant can help you define goals, develop a strategy, create automation rules and improve results.

2. Don’t ignore analytics

With marketing automation, you have the means to see which aspects of a campaign are hitting the sweet spot and what areas are falling short. Analyze the data so you can make adjustments and improve the next campaign. A Certified Pardot Consultant can help you understand those reports and make the right revisions.

3. Don’t send emails to everyone

I’m naturally friendly and like to say hello to everyone I meet. This is a great quality in dogs (and people), but not in marketing automation. If you’re sending the same message to all the customers in your database, you’re not using the power of marketing automation. You also risk diluting your credibility. Today’s customers are accustomed to receiving personalized messages and a Certified Pardot Consultant can help you do that effectively.

4. Don’t forget to clean your data

I get excited on car rides and tend to smudge the windows with my slobber. Then my human complains about the lack of visibility, which he says could lead to driving off the road and into a ditch (he’s so picky). Apparently, keeping your customer data up-to-date and eliminating duplicate and incorrect data is like cleaning the slobber off your windshield – it will give you a clearer view of your customers, which will lead to more insightful marketing decisions. A Certified Pardot Consultant can help you with this chore.

5. Don’t send daily emails

When I constantly paw at my human for attention, he gets really annoyed. In the same way, potential customers don’t want to receive constant correspondence. A Certified Pardot Consultant can help you create a schedule and use it effectively.

Rely on an Expert

When it comes to marketing automation, there are plenty of other best practices that a Certified Pardot Consultant can help you with, such as ensuring your emails are mobile friendly, creating meaningful content and properly scoring and grading leads.

At Spry Ideas, we want you to get the most out of your marketing automation investment, so if you find yourself falling into bad habits or would like to make your campaigns more effective from the start, rely on an expert. Call our Certified Pardot Consultant (and one of my favorite humans), Jeremy Sterling at 734-546-5434 or email him at

Now, when it comes to bacon, you’re on your own.