The Client

Snap-on Business Solutions facilitates the special tool and equipment programs for automobile manufacturers’ dealerships. Their team supplies a host of products for dealership support and provides several print and online informational channels for those products.

The Brief

Snap-on’s underlying goal is to eliminate wasted time, effort, and cost, and increase sales and revenues. With more than 10,000 products from 100 suppliers and an overwhelming number of registrants, the Fiat/Chrysler Mopar Service Equipment (MSE) website Snap-on manages needs daily monitoring and maintenance, and consistent analytics are required to gauge performance.

In 2008, we were contracted to redesign a more user-friendly, versatile site that could be updated on a daily basis.

Our work focused on file management strategies and improving functionality both for customers and those behind the scenes, as well as developing analytics to be shared with suppliers. The existing printed catalog was subsequently eliminated in favor of a web interface that would always provide current information to dealers.

In the years that followed the update, we provided both daily and quarterly updates to the site for Snap-on, as well as regular analytic reports.

The Strategy

Spry’s team spent the majority of their time working with Snap-on to review the current MSE website and database. We developed a strategy that would help the Snap-on team maintain both of those entities. This strategy allowed them to take advantage of technology and optimize day-to-day business operations. Our team utilized website analytics to provide actionable tips and advice on building a competitive database for Snap-on’s registrants.

The Content

With the basic nature of the Mopar Service Equipment website being product cataloging, our prime focus was maintaining accurate product information and pricing data across the site.

Website Design – Database

Products are housed in a database of approximately 10,000 products from 100 suppliers, all of which receive minor updates as needed. Spry starts the update process by soliciting revised data from program suppliers and making needed revisions to product information and pricing.

Website Design – Website

  • Daily Product Updates: Newly approved product or discontinued product are updated on the website. Adding new product involves contacting the manufacturer to obtain images and appropriate information for the product.
  • Daily Monitoring: The website is reviewed daily to look for any errors or programming problems that might occur.
  • Quarterly: The home page of the website is updated quarterly, including loading updated sales pricing, home page images, and updating pdfs of marketing material.


Quarterly promotional booklets are created and range from 20 to 40 pages in size. The promotional booklets are delivered online in a page-scrolling version and are printed for mailing on alternating quarters. Spry’s role on the promotional booklets ranges from collecting information from suppliers advertising products, to design and file preparation, to distribution of the printed booklets.

The Result

With continued improvements to navigation and functionality, Snap-on experienced a significant and steady increase in traffic to the Mopar Service Equipment website.