“Content isn’t what it is, content is what it does.”

– Jim Edwards, CEO of Spry Ideas, Content Marketing Expert


“Content that addresses your customers’ pain points and solves their problems is what truly adds value, and ultimately drives profits.”

An effective speaker believes in the topic being presented. Jim Edwards not only believes in these statements about content marketing (he did coin them after all), he has a passion for teaching others how to make content marketing work for their business.

Jim’s current presentation, “The 7-Step Content Mastery Framework: The Power of Content Marketing to Drive Profits,” provides an educational overview of content marketing, as well as actionable take-aways for your team. Attendees will leave with more than just concepts – they’ll have the tools to start driving profits with content marketing.

What to Expect: This presentation discusses the major transformation that has occurred between buyers and sellers.  Traditional sales and marketing practices have lost much of their effectiveness to influence buyer behavior and drive profits. According to a 2016 study commissioned by the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) and Google, both B2B and B2C customers reported being more than 60 percent through the marketing and sales process before engaging a sales rep, regardless of price point. More accurately, 60 percent of the sales process just disappeared!

The fundamental implication is clear: companies that “show up strong” and provide access to credible, consistent and personalized content are influencing this 60 percent of the sales process, impacting the customer’s decision, gaining market share and driving profits.

What You’ll Receive:

Using his 7-Step Content Mastery Framework, Jim will demonstrate with stories, tools and four-generations of real-world publishing experience, the road map that your company can deploy to “show up strong” with content marketing.

Attendees will receive these valuable take-aways:

• How to use the 7-Step Content Mastery Framework to convert marketing efforts into sales.
• How to increase web search visibility by establishing your company as a known expert with authority and trust – helping customers solve their business problems, instead of being solely promotional.
• Tools and templates that you can apply immediately to your own company’s marketing and sales programs.
• Marketing automation tips for nurturing and converting prospects with credible, consistent and personalized content.

Who Will Benefit:

Any company that wants to use content marketing to add value and drive profits. Jim has presented to a wide variety of companies, both large and small. Whether you’re planning a leadership meeting, marketing event or training program, this presentation is a powerful way to add value to your company’s marketing and sales programs.

Companies that have benefited from this presentation:


Gecko – Canada

    Magna Electronics


    North American Bancard

    The Rehmann Group

Some Insights that Inspired Attendees:

“I thought I had a plan, but it needs work.”

“Planning without KPIs is just guessing.”

“A great guide for engineering a sales strategy based on customer personas.”

“I learned how to take an ‘engineering’ approach to marketing.”

“Create content for each persona and each stage in the buyers’ journey.”

About Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards is the CEO of Spry Ideas, a leading marketing agency and publisher based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Jim is a recognized expert in content marketing for the pharmaceutical, automotive and industrial B2B markets. Using his “7-Step Content Mastery Framework,” he has helped clients create meaningful customer engagement, position themselves as thought leaders, and drive profits by implementing the unique methods and approach to content marketing traditionally used by publishers.

As a fourth-generation publisher and entrepreneur, Jim brings a wealth of experience to the speaker’s podium. He received his undergraduate degree in International Business and French from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MBA from the City University of New York.

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