Marketing Automation FAQs and Answers

By January 28, 2020 Blog No Comments
Hesitant to try marketing automation? Don’t be—it can take your business to the next level.

Marketing automation is one of the most effective tools available today for generating leads. But some businesses are still in the dark as to how it can help them. Here are answers to some common questions about automating your marketing.

So, what is marketing automation? How does it work?

“Marketing automation” refers to the software platforms and technologies designed to help marketing departments and organizations market more effectively on multiple channels—for instance, email, social media, websites—and automate repetitive tasks like email campaigns, follow-up, lead generation and lead nurturing (which you might also hear called a drip campaign).

Automated marketing allows you to customize the email communications you send out to prospects and send different messages to different prospects based on scoring and grading—which, in turn, allows your business to engage more with prospects and convert them to customers.

How easy is it to measure the effectiveness of your marketing and act on it right away?

The detailed analytics you get objectively measure your marketing efforts based on revenue impact. You can act quickly on the results by connecting your marketing efforts to your sales data in a CRM like Salesforce. Pardot, the marketing automation platform we use here at Spry Ideas, has amazing analytics reporting that allows us to adapt our marketing efforts to close deals more quickly.

When you have issues with your marketing automation software, how easy is it for anyone on your team to get support?

You can add a Pardot Support chat system to your Pardot contract, which connects you with account executives who are available to answer questions and concerns on demand. The Pardot team also offers daily office hours, which are open sessions where users can ask questions and voice concerns. They’re quite insightful, and helpful when you’re stuck and need answers.

How can both the sales and marketing teams use marketing automation software?

The best part about marketing automation is that it aligns your sales and marketing teams. Sales uses the software to manage the lifecycle of a prospect, while marketing uses it to help create automated campaigns aimed at prospects.

Is campaign customization possible?

Definitely! In fact, that feature is a major component of Pardot and other automated marketing programs. One of the perks of marketing automation is that every campaign and email can be sent based on segmentation that helps you target more effectively. Content in each campaign changes based on prospect engagement.

For what types of industries does automated marketing work best?

Marketing automation can help every industry evaluate marketing strategies and implement account-based marketing. However, business-to-business clients and prospects benefit more from Pardot, because they’re able to evaluate who engages with their website and content.

Last question: What’s the ideal type of person you want to put through the system?

The type of person we want to put through the system might differ from another company’s ideal person. Most marketing teams pinpoint their ideal target market, and then create content to use in drip campaigns to engage that audience.

Whether you’re trying to turn leads into customers, guide prospects through the sales cycle or maintain engagement with current clients, Spry Ideas can help you get results with marketing automation. For more information, call Sean Hickey at 734-646-0713 or drop him a line at