A message to our Spry Ideas clients and partners

We’re living in a whole different world than we were just a few weeks ago. During these challenging times, nothing is more important to us than the health and well-being of Spry Ideas’ clients, partners, employees and community.

That’s why we’ll continue to provide you with the best possible service during this period of uncertainty. We’re now required to work from home, but that means you just might find us in our pajamas, perhaps a dog or cat photobombing our Zoom meetings or you may meet someone special in our family. Since we’ve had the technology to work remotely for some time, we’re pleased to say that it’s business as usual, and we’ll continue responding to your emails and calls without interruption.

We’ve been thrown into a time of unprecedented sacrifice and turmoil, but the great thing is, we’ve been thrown into it together. And together is the way we’ll get through this, because that’s just how the extended Spry Ideas family (and that includes all of you) does things every single day.

Thank you, again and always, for being part of that family. Stay healthy, keep your own families healthy, and remember that we’re here if you need us.

All my best,

Jim Edwards


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